Job Mix Formula (JMF) Verification Tool External Guidelines


Login to Job Mix Formula (JMF) using your Data Interchange for Materials Engineering (DIME) login. If you do not have a DIME account you must first create one by visiting the DIME login page. This will provide you with the DIME, “Not Registered?”, guidelines for obtaining an account.

After logging in you can review the labs you are associated with by clicking on your name in the header. You can use the lab association feature to filter through JMF submittals. To resolve any discrepancies with lab association please use the “Not Registered?” guidelines on the DIME login page.

Submit New Mix Design (CEM-3512)

Login to JMF, and click on HMA Design Dashboard in the header. Using the HMA Design Dashboard button you will need to click the Start New HMA Design (CEM-3512) button. Proceed through the “New Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Design Data” form to populate your CEM-3512. The following tables will require population:  HMA Producer Information (See Note 1), HMA Qualified Laboratory Information (See Note 1), Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Information, Notes.

Note 1: If a vendor or lab of interest is not listed or need adjustment, please contact your Materials Administrator.

Click the “Save” button once you are ready to submit the general information for your mix design. You will be given the option to print your CEM-3512. You will want to review the form to ensure that all the general information is correct. You can also review your design data by clicking the HMA Design Dashboard button in the header. This will take you to all of your submitted mix designs. Here you can view detailed mix designs, print mix designs, and/or edit mix designs. Additionally, you can view your JMF Design ID (JMF3512-YYYY-#) that will be used to submit mix design test data through DIME (see “Submit Test Data (DIME)”).

Submit Test Data (DIME)

Login to DIME (See Note 2) to populate your mix design data. Click “New Sample” in the DIME header. Input your project ID# and select the material type for your test. Identify the date in which the sample was taken. When determining the sample type, you must select “Quality Control” for JMF mix design data. You will be required to input your JMF Design ID (JMF3512-YYYY-#) in the “JMF Design/Verification ID” section. The JMF ID is what links your DIME test results with your JMF mix design. For complete instructions on how to create a DIME sample click on Manually Create Sample Records in the Instructions under “Help & Forms” tab in the DIME header. Once you have filled out the new sample form, click “Create Sample”. You can also create a clone of your sample to expedite the sample creation process. For complete instructions on cloning a DIME sample  click on Clone a Sample Record in the Instructions under “Help & Forms” tab in the DIME header. For additional information on the samples that must be created for a given mix design, see Appendix A.

Note 2: If you are unfamiliar with how to use DIME, there are helpful guidelines under the “Help and Forms” button in the header.

After creating your sample, you will be provided with a “DIME Sample ID” (DIME Sample ID:  YYYY-MM-DD-#) that will be associated with your JMF. Click “Submit New Test” under “Sample Operations”, under “Select Test Method” select the test method for which to submit test data and click next. You must select “Input Calculated Values” under “Input Value Type” and click next. Now you can fill in test results and save. At this point you will be provided with a “Test ID” (Test YYYY-MM-DD-#-# (Test Method)). Under “Test Operations” click “Publish Test”, and verify the information is correct. Once you have confirmed the information is accurate you may select multiple recipients for the data by clicking “Personnel Source”, or through “Add New Project Personnel” and inputting their emails. Test data will be available to the public immediately upon submission. However, you may change this setting by editing the release date field. To finalize the test data, click the “Publish” button. For complete instructions on how to submit test data click on Submit Test Results (External) in the Instructions under “Help & Forms” tab in the DIME header.

You can review this data in the JMF mix design by clicking HMA Design Dashboard in the JMF header and identifying the corresponding JMF Design ID (JMF3512-YYYY-#).  You can review specific samples by clicking the “Samples” button, or you can click on “Input Detail” and view the samples at the top of the “HMA Design” page. In the detail view you should review all your submitted test data to ensure their accuracy.

Submit New JMF (CEM-3511)

Login to JMF, and click on JMF Submittal Dashboard or “New JMF Submittal” in the header. Using the “JMF Submittal Dashboard” button you will need to click the “Start New JMF Submittal (CEM-3511)” button. The “New JMF Submittal” button will take you directly to the “New JMF Submittal – Proposal” form. Proceed through the “New JMF Submittal - Proposal” form to populate your CEM-3511. The following tables will require population:  Contract (See Note 3), Hot Mix Asphalt Design Data, Job Mix Formula Information, Adjustment to design data target values, Notes.

Note 3: If the contract of interest is not listed, please contact the contract's Resident Engineer or METS Representatives.


Click the “Save” button to save your CEM-3511 and retrieve your JMF Submittal ID (JMF3511-#-YYYY-#). Review your submittal information by clicking on the JMF Submittal Dashboard tab in the header and locating your JMF Submittal ID.  Prior to submitting to Caltrans, you can modify who the recipients of the JMF will be. You can add additional names and emails outside of the Resident Engineer (RE) in the “Project Personnel” table. Click “Submit to Caltrans” and you will be presented with a pop-up window requesting password verification (DIME password) that the information you are providing is accurate. You will be presented with a successful submittal notification (“Congratulation! Submit Successful.”) once the CEM-3511 has been sent to Caltrans.


Click the “JMF Submittal Dashboard” or HMA Design Dashboard buttons in the JMF header. The dashboards will provide you with your JMF submittals and associated JMF designs. From the “JMF Submittal Dashboard” you can clone (duplicate CEM-3511), disable or enable (make submittals active or inactive), review existing submittals and their status, and/or print CEM-3511 and/or CEM-3512. The HMA Design Dashboard allows you to review samples submitted, input CEM-3512 details, edit CEM-3512s, disable or enable mix designs, and/or CEM-3512.

You can review the status of your JMF submittal. Each submittal will have a status notification under the “Status” column. Click the “?” next to “This is your home for your JMF submittals” at the top of the page to open the status legend. This legend will indicate what each status notification represents.

Appendix A - Required Samples/Test Results for a Given Mix Design

Type A Hot Mix Asphalt

Aggregate Gradation

Create a sample for each aggregate gradation bin provided in the CEM-3512. For example, if there are 3 bin sizes identified in CEM-3512 (Bin 1: 3/4”, Bin 2: 3/8” and Bin 3: Plant Sand) you would need to create a separate DIME sample for each bin. From there you would input AASHTO T27 test data for each sample.

Aggregate Quality

Create an additional aggregate sample to provide your Aggregate Quality test results, AASHTO T335, T96, T176, T304, T85, T84, ASTM D4791, and CT 204. If any Project Specified Aggregate Quality Characteristics are specified for testing they would be included on this sample as well (e.g. AASHTO T104, T210, CT 227).

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

Create 6 reclaimed asphalt pavement samples. 3 samples would have its own set of tests, AASHTO T164, T30 and T209. The other 3 samples would have their own sets of tests, AASHTO T308 and T30.

Asphalt Binder

Create 1 binder sample. The binder sample requires 2 test results, AASHTO T228 and T315.

Lime (if applicable)

Create 1 lime sample and provide 1 test result, AASHTO T27.

Liquid Antistrip (if applicable)

Create 1 antistrip sample and provide 1 test result, ASTM D2074.

Warm Mix Asphalt (if applicable)

Create 1 warm mix asphalt (WMA) sample. No test data is required for WMA.

Asphalt Modifier (if applicable)

Create 1 sample of asphalt modifier and provide results for 3 tests, ASTM D445, D92, D2007.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Create 1 hot mix asphalt (HMA) sample for your Hot Mix Asphalt Design Data test results, AASHTO T308, T275, T209, T269, T283 (plant produced material) and T324 (plant produced material.

Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt Gap Graded

The same requirements for Type A Hot Mix Asphalt, excluding RAP, should be followed with the addition of the following samples:

Crumb Rubber Modifier

Create 1 sample of crumb rubber modifier and provide results for 3 tests, CT 385, 208, and ASTM D297.

Asphalt Rubber Binder Design and Profile

Create 1 sample of asphalt rubber binder and provide results for 4 tests, ASTM D217, D5329, D36 and D7741.

Open Graded Friction Course

The same requirements for Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt Gap Graded, excluding RAP and Hot Mix Asphalt, should be followed.