JMF Change Log

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  1. Support aggregate mineral filler to lime gradation
  2. Unlock design for adjusting finalized HMA Design
  1. Update autosave for HMA Design input page
  2. Support multiple data entry for Asphalt Rubber Binder section
  3. Support two Crumb Rubber Modifier in HMA Design input page
  4. MS2 calculation manual override option
  1. Set verified date for design tests upon submitting submittal
  2. Add ASTM D5095 to Antistrip Additive section
  3. Fixes to target value calculations
  4. MS2 calculation manual override option
  1. New Dashboard views and graphs
  2. Fixes to email sections and validations
  1. New HMA design input
  2. New JMF Submittal input
  1. Create DIME Sample and Test buttons
  1. Added a new HMA design detail view for designs that are created by internal Caltrans labs.
  1. Added e-Signature to JMF submittal. Contractors are required to e-sign their submittal before submitting them Caltrans.
  2. Added the ability to delete HMA designs in the HMA Design Dashboard. Deleteable designs must not be associated to any submittal.
  3. Review of Completeness and Authorzied for Use signatures are displayed on CEM-3513 form.