Job Mix Formula (JMF)

The JMF Verification Tool is a web based application developed by the California Department of Transportation, Materials Engineering & Testing Services (METS) for contractors to electronically submit JMF proposals and design data and for the ability to verify JMF submittals for Caltrans District Labs.


The JMF Verification Tool provides a centralized database for automating JMF verification of test results. Being web based allows Contractors and Caltrans to have access to statewide JMF data. By expanding DIME to include the tests required for JMF verification we can provide statewide consistency in test records and allow stakeholders an efficient means to view real-time test data.

The JMF Tool is designed to accommodate HMA mix designs for Type-A HMA, RHMA-G, and OGFC. Sample and test result data submitted through this tool are stored in DIME (Data Interchange for Materials Engineering) and are available for sharing and analysis there.

Authorized JMF Submittals

The list of authorized JMF submittals can be found here. Search